The calculation for the determination of nicotine needed in your liquid

Before buying your e -liquid , you must understand how the dosage of nicotine in e- liquid . If certain items offer all a very complicated questionnaire almost impossible to decipher for “normal people” , know that there is another simple way to calculate the dosage of nicotine you need.

Every time you smoke a regular cigarette , write it down. Then you will get a figure for your average consumption per week. Why is it important to spread this calculation on an entire week? For the simple reason that you do not have the same habits on weekdays and days off. With the obligation to remain in an enclosed place such as an office, you will inevitably reduce your consumption compared to your rest days where you can light a cigarette whenever you want.

Second step , take your pack of cigarettes. Looking on one side you will find a dosage of nicotine , note the number on your worksheet with your data on your weekly consumption. For those who do not find the annotation nicotine , it is estimated that the average nicotine dosage is around 0.8.

Once you have all your data, add up all your cigarettes of the week and divide by 7 (7 days a week ), this figure will be your daily average. If you come across a floating point number , round up to the top from point five and the lower value below five point value.

To facilitate the proof, we will invent values ​​, let’s say you come across 20 cigarettes per day and 0.8mg of nicotine. The final calculation is: number of cigarette nicotine dose X = the nicotine dosage you need here 20 X 0.8 = 16 mg.

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