Convicted of unfair competition, e-cig shop will appeal

Substitutes of tobacco, such as liquid electronic cigarette, are apparently for the court subject to the legislation on tobacco. As of course patches and nicorettes that … oh no, do we pointed it in the headset, all other products of nicotine are spared. So it is exclusive that we discovered the flexible and adaptive laws based on profits generated by each product.

A disgruntled tobacconist – the success of electronic cigarettes

One can understand this brave tobacconist from Plaisance-du-Touch. Since the sign Esmokeclean opened, he saw his customers melt like snow in the sun. He could have done like 70% of 27,000 tobacconists and sell himself vapotage products, but he preferred to prohibit that could compete with its harmful products and keep its customers that it also melts like snow in the sun. The question of the place of electronic cigarette in legislation.

In recent months, the whole of Europe questions the place of our products in the legislation. Proposed for a time as a pharmaceutical, then as exclusive sellers of tobacco, they are now condemned by the court to be under the sole auspices of tobacconists, to perhaps compensate for the loss caused by their new healthy market representing a decrease of 5% of tobacco sales in 2012.

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